Wellness for our guests

Our Sonnenheim Wellness Area


Wellness lovers will also get their money’s worth with us. The motto of our wellness oasis is ‘from the Alps to the sea’.

Our newly renovated wellness area boasts the tried and tested Finnish sauna, where you can sweat and apply infusions to your heart’s content at temperatures of 80 to 100°C.

Our large infrared sauna (set to 60°C) is new; it was installed especially for guests who love the healthy dry heat but don’t tolerate hot temperatures. The heat is not supplied through an oven but via infrared heating elements behind the wood panelling.

We have also renovated our rest area in Alpine style and expanded it with 200-year-old reclaimed wood and stone cladding.

Our new granite drinking fountain delights our guests and provides you with fresh Oberstdorf spring water.

Our shower area with 2 showers, cold water hose and dousing shower has already proven its worth over and over.

Sonnenheim Wellness Area Impressions